The Building Process

The Building Process

RossHomes is on site during the whole building process. We don’t build our homes from our truck or an office. Mike is not a contractor, he’s a home builder. He is very hands-on during the building process, and very committed to quality and cleanliness.

Ross Homes sets up a contract with every customer. That way our customer’s know exactly what they are getting and there are no hidden costs. The only time there would be a difference in the contract price would be if the customer decides to change the material or services provided.  Ross Homes would then provide a print out that shows the cost and material differences. This is done once a month so everyone is well informed of the changes and the price.

Ross Homes helps our customer’s to locate building sites, determine   home placement on the site, and match the home design to the site.

Mike and his wife Lisa have designed many new home blueprints and roughly 50% of all new homes he builds were designed by Ross Homes.

Mike has personally framed and stick-built 95% of all homes built by Ross Homes. We also do 95% of all the interior finish work.

Our customers are guided through the material selection process and are given ample time to select the materials they want in their homes.  Ross Homes has accounts with many companies in the Des Moines area where discounted material can be purchased, and a discount is then passed on to the customer.

RossHomes believes that an energy efficient home starts with a tight frame. Our recommendation for windows is Andersen. For a tight envelope, closed cell foam spray insulation. We add great doors, lifetime warranty steel Rolex siding and/or brick, 30-35 year roof, and end it with interior amenities. Our custom woodwork has been a showcase for us, and Delta Plumbing is our choice. We like hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, and/or carpet. Outside we prefer boulder walls as a retaining system, and a proper drainage system is a must. With today’s market being flooded with many new health conscious products, we are constantly searching for the ones that are going to benefit our customers. We are conscientious about our product selections to ensure that they will be long lasting and sturdy, keeping our customer’s dollar value in mind.